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Moving to a strange new country is more than a little like jumping off a tall cliff… in the dark. What are the rules? Is my money safe and how do I know if my Solicitor is on my side? Ex Pats Consultancy Service is here to help you every step along the way. We only represent you and we accept money from no one else. Where do you go to get the electricity turned on? Will the person at the counter speak english? Having a friend who specializes in representing you to the government and utilities brings real confidence.

When you're lost in a strange town and can't read the street signs, looking a street address up on the Internet is of little use (we know). We happen to have every last form you need to fill out when applying for temporary residency. Sounds like a small thing, until you realize that one service saves you several afternoons of heartache trying to locate the right Ministry… somewhere.

Ex Pats Consultancy Service is flexible: we can assist folks who have lived in North Cyprus a year or two with a simple, one time consultation; or we can go with you and speak (or argue) for you at the counter. We know TRNC law and absolutely will move the process forward. We have no problem demanding the Office Manager appear at the front counter and quote which regulation a decision falls under. You will be surprised how ofter a native speaker quoting the law will change a decision.

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We understand you need to do due-diligence before trusting someone you don't know with your most important transactions. You're right. So, let's start with something simple.

Our Newsletter gives you free advice and requires nothing in return. That's a good place to start.

Our pledge to you:

  1. We will NOT sell, rent, or allow your email address to be shared - ever.
  2. You can unsubscribe at anytime; simply scroll to the bottom of any Newsletter.
  3. We WILL share important information you can use when you interact with the North Cyprus government.
  4. You will never pay anything for the information in this Newsletter.

Residence Regulations

Shortly, we will be releasing a new book on the residency process here in the TRNC. This is taking a bit longer than expected as we have discovered mistakes in the Ministry translation from Turkish to English. This means we must go through every last line and retranslate to ensure that what you read in English says the same thing as the Border Agent read in Turkish. This is critical and we want to be exact.

The book itself will contain more than simple translations of legal code; its a step-by-step guide to the residency process. You will have everything you need to complete the process with no surprises. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only serious, detailed reference manual available.

Once complete, we will make the book available on this website so you can purchase, pay, and download in several formats. All on your schedule from the convince of home.

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