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Services Offered

Property Conveyances

Buying your first home in North Cyprus can be confusing. Let us help you through! Ex Pats Consultancy Service will advise, assist and answer questions at every step. We will help you with registration of your contract, permission to purchase your property and obtaining your title deeds.We watch Solicitors and advance your interest. Most important, at the end of the process you know everything is covered.

Immigration, Residency, and Visas

Today, the laws concerning visas and temporary (1 to 3 year) residency are changing. These changes are even leaving the Immigration Officers themselves confused. We know the law and have even created a book to help you through the process.

British Passport

To learn more about any of the services offered by Ex Pats Consultancy Service, please contact us by clicking this button.

Driver's Licence & Car Registration

We will help you navigate the rules and regulations necessary to keep you legal on the roads of North Cyprus.


As you know, some of the services listed above require Insurance to complete. We now also offer Insurance that is approved for both Auto and Immigration requirements. There are several insurance policies available for each category so we will want to chat in order to offer the exact policy to meet your needs.

Liaison Service

If you don't speak the language, it can be a little intimidating to deal with Government Agencies. If you don't know where the office is, something as simple as utilities can become a mess. Ex Pats Consultancy Service can play the role you are comfortable with: ranging from simple instructions over the phone to serving as your representative in these processes. We are here to help.

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